Who we are?

We could be our bosses that we haven't met yet. We could be the main characters in a cop movie. Maybe we are the brand of a German law firm, or a comedy duo from the 60s. We could be a video post-production studio.

Who is behind

Mario García

Kike Ortega

Techniques & Skills

  • Motion Design

  • VFX

  • Art Direction

  • Multimedia Content

Clients and projects

Shakira, Ikea, Dominos, Alejandro Sanz, Santander Bank, Havas, Dentsu, OMD, Ikea, Mango, Correos, Wild Pony, Uber Eats, Carrefour, Bankinter, La Caixa, Ana Mena, Mahou, ING. Reale, Dazn, El Corte Inglés, Hanzo, Vericast, Cintra, Lola Índigo

"Keep absolutely still...

...their vision is based on movement"

Michael and Markus is your trusted postproduction studio. We bring you selective content to enjoy with your loved ones. Our vision is based on movement, just like a T-Rex but without eating goats. Don’t forget to enjoy life and be happy.

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