Shakira ft Ozuna. Monotonía

We received a call saying, "we need 14 VFX shots for a music video by Shakira featuring Ozuna." After recovering from our initial shock and excitement, we decided to join the dance.
Who can say no to a little Bachata?

Michael & Markus. Bondi Collective

Meet the schedule

We put together a team and resolved these shots in record time. Tracks, rotoscoping, 3D modeling, texturing,rendering, composition, and all. Bondi Collective provided support in the
undertaking to complete the project under the deadlines.

Harshly point out the events

We started with a more conceptual, almost naïve touch to end up with something heartbreaking. The artist wanted it to carry a more realistic tone to harshly point out the events. Special acknowledgment goes out to the VFX composition, one of the most laborious parts.

Vision based on movement

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